7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (2023)

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A backlink checker is a valuable tool in your site’s SEO.With a backlink tracker, you can analyze your link profile and see which websites link to you. You can also spy on your competitors and find link-building opportunities to increase the authority of your domain.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed a number of tools to find the best backlink checker tools.

Top 7 Free Backlink Checker Tools

  1. Semrush Backlink Checker Tool
  2. Ahref’s Backlink Checker
  3. Moz Link Explorer
  4. WebCEO Backlink Checker
  5. Ubersuggest Backlink Analyzer
  6. SERanking Backlink Analysis Tool
  7. Mangools Link Miner

1. Semrush Backlink Checker Tool

Following the arrival of a fully revamped links database, Semrush is one of the leading backlink analytics tools in the market. Their offering includes a number of backlinks analytics features for customers with free and paid accounts.

The Semrush backlinks analytics service provides users with access to the largest database of backlinks compared to any close competitor. According to Semrush, their database includes more than 43 trillion links, which is the largest database you can find in the market.

You’ll also have the fastest link database compared to close competitors, so you can find the link information you need more quickly.

Some of the most exciting features of Semrush’s backlink checker tool include:

  • Live updates: Constant updates at the top of your analytics report
  • Link building tools: Access to an interface for managing your outreach campaigns
  • Backlink audit tool: Detailed analytics into toxic backlinks
  • Bulk backlink analysis: Analyze up to 200 competitors’ domains
  • Google integrations: Integrate your entire Google Search Console account

What do you get with the free plan?

To register for a free account, all you need to do is go to Semrush and enter the domain or URL of the site you want to check into the search bar.

Semrush will ask you to create a free account using your email address. Once your email is verified you get 10 free requests per day. With each request, you get 10 results.

What do you get with a paid plan?

A paid plan with Semrush starts at $119 per month and gives you access to 5 projects, 500 keywords to track, and a host of extra analytics. You can also upgrade to higher-cost plans for tools like Google data studio integration, historical data tracking, and content marketing support.

7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (2)

When you enter your website URL or the URL of a competitor, you’ll see an “Overview” tab. Here, you can see the authority score of your site, the number of total referring domains, and backlinks.

You can also click the “Referring Domains” tab for a detailed analysis of the authority score, number of backlinks, and IP address of each backlink.

Clicking on the button to view each website’s backlink total gives you more specific insight into the links directing users to your site. You’ll also see which of the links are “dofollow” or “nofollow”.

Check Website Backlinks With Semrush

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Who links to my site? Check this guide If you want to find out who is linking to your site using Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools reports.

2. Ahref’s Backlink Checker

Ahrefs is one of the leading names in backlink analysis. There are over 29 trillion known backlinks and 170 million unique domains to access. This ensures you’re getting the most accurate data when you use the Ahrefs backlinks tool.

Every day, Ahrefs updates its backlink technology with new pages crawled. Whenever you enter an URL into the search bar for checking, you’ll get a full overview of page-level and domain metrics for any target. This includes access to information on domain rating and URL rating, the number of referring domains, and more.

Some of the features of the Ahrefs backlink checker include:

  • Proprietary ratings: Check the domain, URL, and Ahrefs rating of each link
  • Growth monitoring: View an interactive insight into referring pages and domains over time
  • Backlink profiles: Users can see full backlink profiles filtered by things like domain rating, referring domain, and platform.
  • Domain-wide metrics: check comprehensive domain-wide metrics for each link

What do you get with the free plan?

With the free version of ahref’s backlink checker your get 100 backlinks per check and unlimited checks per day. You can use the tool without creating an account.

What do you get with a paid plan?

A paid plan, which starts at $7 for 7 days and then $99 per month gives you up to 10,000 crawl credits, 500 tracked keywords, and 5 projects. There’s also a $179 per month plan for up to 50,000 crawl credits and 1,500 tracked keywords on 10 projects.

7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (3)

Entering a domain into the Ahrefs backlink checker gives you a full report brimming with useful information. The overview includes the domain rating of the website, the total number of backlinks, and your percentage of dofollow links.

You can toggle the backlinks chart to show the top anchor texts used for your links too – this can be helpful for full SEO analytics. Plus, you can search and analyze links for a specific URL, rather than looking just at the domain overall.

Check Website Backlinks With Ahrefs

3. Moz Link Explorer

The Moz Link Explorer is a wonderful example of a convenient backlink tracker any business can use. Moz has around 40 trillion links to search through, making it a pretty comprehensive tool. It’s also extremely straightforward, with an intuitive set of reports to explore.

Moz was also the first company to use link data to create the domain authority score, a metric that predicts how well a website can rank on search engines.

To check your website backlinks with MOZ, you simply enter the URL of the page you want to get link data on, and Moz will generate your report for you.

The Moz Link explorer demonstrates the links to any site, so you can see why your website is ranking in a certain position. You can also compare your competitors’ link profiles to your own, so you can improve your chances of outranking them.

Some of the features of Moz link explorer include:

  • Broken link checker: Insights into the broken links on your site, for link equity
  • Top performing content: Research which pages, and content perform best
  • Spam scores: Check the spam score of backlinks and remove them from your site
  • Monitor new and lost links: Monitor when content gains or loses links over time

What do you get with the free plan?

With the free plan, you get 10 link queries and 50 rows of data per query every month.

Start by entering the URL you want to check into the search bar. Next, create your Moz account to access the free SEO tools offered by the company. You’ll get a notification email with a link to confirm your account and view your reports.

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What do you get with a paid plan?

If you upgrade to the “Moz Pro” plan you can create custom reports, track more information about your website visitors, and access a wider range of backlink insights. Prices start at $99 per month paid monthly, or you can save 20% on yearly plans.

7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (4)

Moz answers all the fundamental questions most companies have about their link authority and backlinking opportunities. Rather than just checking the authority of the links on your website, you can also search for broken links, spammy links, and lost links over time.

Researching your top-performing content helps you to plan your future SEO and content marketing strategies. You can also analyze anchor text to get a better idea of how other people reference your company. It’s a great overall tool to help with making sense of your backlink strategy.

Check Website Backlinks With Moz

4. WebCEO Backlink Checker

One of the best backlink checkers for users on a budget, WebCEO helps you to check backlinks quickly, to ensure your links are relevant, powerful, and diverse. The WebCEO technology gives you a comprehensive overview of your backlink profile, focusing heavily on the concept of “variety” for a better SEO standing.

You’ll see which of the linking domains in your backlink portfolio are giving you the most impact online, and which might be harming your domain authority. Clinking into a backlink domain gives you a comprehensive overview of things like Alexa Traffic Rank, Domain Citation flow, and even Domain Trust flow.

Some of the features of the WebCEO backlink checker include:

  • Comprehensive metrics: Check metrics you wouldn’t get elsewhere, like domain citation flow
  • Analyze your profile at a glance: The visual checking tool helps you to analyze your profile faster.
  • Scheduled scanning: Users can set up automatic scanning so you’re constantly updating your profile
  • Majestic data: World-class renowned backlink data from Majestic

What do you get with the free plan?

There’s no lifetime free version of the WebCEO backlink tracker, but you can try the full functionality for up to 14 days without a credit card. Just click the “Sign up” button to enter your details and start running reports.

What do you get with a paid plan?

When you’re ready to upgrade to a paid package, there’s a “Solo” plan for $35 per month, which can analyze 1 website and track up to 50 keywords. You can also try “Start-up” for $99 per month for 5 projects and 200 keywords. Agency unlimited at $99 per month allows for access to unlimited projects and keywords, but there are bonus “scanning fees”.

7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (5)

A commitment to incredible, in-depth metrics helps Web CEO to stand out from other backlink tracking tools. You can check a lot of information about your backlinks that you might not see on other free backlink tracking tools.

For instance, there are insights into URL trust and citation flow, link status, target page information, and more. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-view and consume format, so you’re not going to get too confused by data overload.

Check Website Backlinks With WebCEO

A great tool for basic insights into your backlinks, Ubersuggest is one of the better-known options for free analytics.

Like most free checkers, it works by examining the link data of the URL you add to a search bar. You’ll get plenty of handy data for competitor analytics with Ubersuggest, so you can search for areas where you’re missing out on opportunities.

An advanced link filtering system means you can also examine your links according to various factors. For instance, you can look at links specifically according to region, domain score, anchor text, and page score. There’s also the option to choose if you want to see just no-follow links.

Some features of Ubersuggest Backlink Analyzer include:

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  • Competitive analysis: Check your page scores against the competition
  • Backlink overviews: Quick and simple overview of your backlink standing
  • Free keyword analysis: Find keywords while checking your backlinks
  • Traffic insights: Free traffic insights are included with your backlink tracker

What do you get with the free plan?

The free version of Ubersuggest allows you to execute 3 free daily searches (without having to register for an account).

For each search, you can see the top 100 links pointing to a domain. To test the full product, you can register for a 7-day free trial.

What do you get with a paid plan?

Ubersuggest offers three paid plans starting at 29 USD per month. The premium accounts come with either 100, 300, or 900 reports a day, access to multiple projects, and between 100 and 200 tracked keywords with daily updates.

7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (6)

Ubersuggest is a relatively straightforward tool for backlink checking, so you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out what you’re seeing in the reports. The checker makes it easy to analyze rivals and understand their link-building strategies.

With access to essential SEO optimization data, like keywords and traffic metrics, you can also learn how to enhance your website with more than just backlinks.

Check Website Backlinks With Ubersuggest

6. SERanking Backlink Analysis Tool

SERanking promises users a simple and reliable way to develop their data-driven backlinking strategy. You’ll see your competitor’s backlinks profiles arranged into easy-to-read graphs. Or you can search for your own website and learn more about your dofollow/ nofollow links ratio, page trust, and referring domains.

SERanking takes a comprehensive approach to examining backlink opportunities. You can see things like which of your pages are losing and gaining links over time. You’ll also have insights into the anchor keywords used to reference your website, and which of your pages get the most links.

Features of SERanking backlink analysis tool include:

  • Text image insights: See if a link comes from an image or text block.
  • Page trust: Examine the trust level of your page according to specific proprietary rankings.
  • First/last seen: See dates when a link was last spotted by the SE Ranking crawler
  • Metrics: Track Alexa rank, domain trust, and other in-depth metrics
7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (7)

What do you get with the free plan?

With the free version of SERanking, your information is very limited. You’ll only see a few visual representations of things like your page and domain trust scores, as well as the top 20 newest backlinks (one per domain).

If you want to see the actual status of your backlink, whether it’s indexed by Google or more, you’ll need to register for a 14-day free trial or a premium account.

What do you get with a paid plan?

Switching to a premium plan will give you access to comprehensive backlink insights, and data on referring domains. You’ll be able to get information on anchor text, IPS, subnets, and much more information.

SERanking offers three paid plans starting from $29/per month. They also offer a “pay as you go” plan which costs $1 per website and $0.0015 for a detailed analysis of a single backlink.

Check Website Backlinks With SERanking

7. Mangools Link Miner

Mangools “LinkMiner” is a backlink checker with a huge database, designed to give you better insights into all of your links. Interestingly, Mangools allows you to switch between viewing information about all of your links, just your new links, or your lost links.

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Everything is organized into an intuitive dashboard, so it’s easy to get to grips with the data available. You can check things like domain authority and compare your backlink profile against your competitors.

Some of the features of Mangools LinkMiner include:

  • Comprehensive domain scores: Check a range of metrics for each domain linking to your site
  • Easy interface: Check new, lost, and existing links with a visual interface
  • Access tracking tools: There’s access to tools to track keyword growth over time
  • Plenty of SEO tools: Access keyword suggestions and traffic information

What do you get with the free plan?

Visit the Mangools LinkMiner page and enter an URL to get started. You will need to create an account with Mangools, even to just access the basic features. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’ll have a ten-day free trial.

The free trial gives you access to the LinkMiner experience, so you can check dofollow and nofollow links, examine domain authority, and even score your trust levels.

What do you get with a paid plan?

To continue using the service, you’ll need a paid package. The basic $29.90 per month package enables 100 keyword lookups, 200 keyword suggestions, and 25 competitor keyword searches. You’ll also be able to track up to 200 keywords daily.

7 Free Tools to Check Any Site's Website Backlinks (8)

Mangools immediately shows you the current domain authority of your website, your citation flow, trust flow, referring IPs, and referring domains. You can also click on different tabs to see which of your backlinks are the newest, and which links you might have lost over time.

The whole experience is pretty straightforward. It’s similar to using the Site Profiler, SERP checker, and keyword-finding tools available from Mangools.

Check Website Backlinks With LinkMiner

Why are backlinks important for a website?

Backlinks are critical to SEO because they tell Google that another resource also considers your content to be valuable. The more high-authority websites give your website the seal of approval by linking back to you, the better your own authority becomes.

As a website earns new backlinks, search engines begin to assume that your content is more valuable.

Outside of improving your organic SEO ranking, backlinks also help you to improve your authority with potential customers. Links can:

  • Establish relationships between sites, linking your business to an authority
  • Raise brand awareness, helping new customers to find your website pages
  • Drive new traffic, from customers who are specific to your target audience

Sometimes, backlinks can also attract more backlinks. If writers see your website as an authority because other companies are linking to it, they’ll want to link to you as well.

Crucially, the key to success with backlinks isn’t just in attracting the right links from high-authority sites. You’ll also need to ensure all of your backlinks are high quality.

Poor quality backlinks cause Google to associate you with spammy, untrustworthy websites, which can lead to penalization.

Using a backlink checker can help you to find new backlinking opportunities, as well as identify which links you need to get rid of.


The right backlink tracker helps you to make the most of one of your website’s most important tools for off-page SEO. Whether you need to find backlinking gaps, compare your profile to your competitors, or just remove spammy links, these tools have you covered.

All of the tools above come with free versions to get you started, but keep in mind that these free tools are often quite basic. If you want to really upgrade your SEO outcomes, you may need to eventually upgrade to a paid plan.

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What is the best free SEO tool for checking backlinks? ›

Top 6 Free Backlinks Tools
  • SEO SpyGlass. ...
  • Google Search Console. ...
  • Seobility. ...
  • Ahrefs. ...
  • SEO Review Tool. ...
  • Small SEO Tool. ...
  • SEMRush. ...
  • SE Ranking Backlink Checker. SE Ranking Backlink Checker is a powerful tool that enables website owners and digital marketers to analyze the backlink profiles of their sites and their competitors.
Feb 24, 2023

Which tools would you use to check the number of backlinks to your website? ›

Ahrefs is another powerful keyword research tool. Like SEMRush, it's easy to use. It'll give you an overview of your chosen domain, and you can drill down to look at lots of details of backlinks. Ahrefs also makes it really easy to see backlinks that you've lost.

How do I get free backlinks for my website? ›

In this guide, we'll talk about 19 free link building tips for beginners.
  1. Ask for Backlinks.
  2. Build Relationships.
  3. Give a Testimonial.
  4. Create Great Content Continuously.
  5. List Your Site in Trustworthy Directories.
  6. Write Guest Posts.
  7. Get Interviewed on Podcasts.
  8. Leverage Social Media.
Nov 7, 2022

Which is the best free SEO tool for beginners? ›

You don't need many tools to do SEO. As a beginner, you want to ensure you're not spending a lot of money on unnecessary tools.
Here's my list of the best SEO tools for beginners:
  • Pagespeed Insights.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider.
  • Proranktracker.
  • SEMrush.
  • Answer The Public.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Clicky Web Analytics.
  • Majestic.
Oct 28, 2021

How do I find legitimate backlinks? ›

12 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks (That Really Work)
  1. Ask To Guest Blog. ...
  2. Ask Your Partners/Distributors/Suppliers. ...
  3. Ask For Credit Where Credit Is Due. ...
  4. Leverage Brands And Influencers To Share Your Products Or Services. ...
  5. Create Engaging Visual Content. ...
  6. Publish Original Research. ...
  7. Build A Useful Free Tool.
Aug 18, 2022

What is backlink tool? ›

The tool generates a detailed link analysis that shows follow/nofollow attributes, index/no index, cached/not cached, domain authority, anchor text, social popularity, Alexa rank, and lots more. It lets you disavow links and generate files to submit them directly to Google.

What is backlink analysis tools? ›

Backlink analysis is a comprehensive review of a website's backlinks to analyze the site's performance and identify issues that could affect its search engine ranking. Backlink analysis is like the SEO version of going to the doctor for a check-up.

Is there free SEO tools? ›

SEM Rush. Similar to the other tools mentioned above, SEM Rush has a free version of their robust tool. Not just for link building, SEM Rush can provide help with keyword research, on-page SEO audits, content optimizations, rank tracking and much more. Create a free account and access these features.

Does Google have free SEO tools? ›

Google's SEO tools are a great place to start.

Since the search engine currently accounts for 70% of all searches, their SEO tools harness the most accurate and comprehensive source of data. The best part of using these tools is that they're absolutely free and generally unlimited.

How to get free SEO tools? ›

What are some free SEO tools?
  1. Google Analytics.
  2. Google Search Console.
  3. Ahrefs Website Checker.
  4. Screaming Frog.
  5. Synup Listing Scan.
  6. Answer the Public.
  7. Google Keyword Planner.
  8. Google Trends.
Nov 18, 2022

How do I get backlinks to my Google site? ›

How to Get Backlinks
  1. Find Backlink Opportunities with Top Referral Sources. ...
  2. Use Outbound Links to Form Partnerships. ...
  3. Use Google Search Console Reports to Get Backlinks. ...
  4. Spy on Your Competitors. ...
  5. Find Broken Links to Build Backlinks. ...
  6. Create High-Quality Content That's Link-Worthy. ...
  7. Publish a Skyscraper Content.
Dec 24, 2020

What does a backlink look like? ›

A backlink is a link (e.g., starts with something like this https://) from one page on a website to another page on a different website.

Can I learn SEO without coding? ›

The short answer is: no, SEO typically doesn't require much (or any) hands-on coding. You can absolutely do a fine job of SEO without touching code.

What is the most popular SEO tool? ›

10 best SEO tools for 2023
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Level: Beginner through to advanced. ...
  • Clearscope. Level: All levels. ...
  • Semrush. Level: Intermediate through to advanced. ...
  • Ahrefs. Level: Advanced. ...
  • Moz. Level: Beginner through to intermediate. ...
  • Surfer SEO. Level: All levels. ...
  • SE Ranking. Level: All levels. ...
  • WooRank.

Does Google have a backlink checker? ›

Google Search Console is a free backlink checker tool you can use to improve your site's ranking in the search results.

How do you steal backlinks? ›

Guest is one of the most effective and simples ways to build high quality backlinks, the competitors are probably using the same strategy. To steal another website's backlinks, the best way is to find the competitor's guest posts and then write similar content for the sites that they have written for.

Can you track backlinks in Google Analytics? ›

You can find and check backlinks in Google Analytics 4 (called referrals) in the Traffic acquisition report under Acquisition. The report can be filtered to display exclusively referral traffic.

What are the best backlinks? ›

9 Best Types of Backlinks
  • Editorial Backlinks. ...
  • Backlinks From Guest Blogging. ...
  • Backlinks in Business Profiles. ...
  • Backlinks from Webinars. ...
  • Free-Tool Backlinks. ...
  • Acknowledgment Backlinks. ...
  • Guest Post Bio Links. ...
  • Badge Backlinks.
Feb 6, 2023

How to do backlinks for a website? ›

10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website
  1. The broken-link building method. ...
  2. Backlinks through infographics. ...
  3. The advantage of guest articles. ...
  4. Spy on your competitors. ...
  5. Build internal links. ...
  6. Promote your content. ...
  7. Write testimonials. ...
  8. Contact journalists and important bloggers.
Aug 14, 2015

What are basic SEO tools? ›

What follows is a list of essential technical SEO tools that every SEO professional should become familiar with.
  • Screaming Frog.
  • Google Search Console. ...
  • Google Analytics. ...
  • Web Developer Toolbar. ...
  • WebPagetest. ...
  • Google Page Speed Insights. ...
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool. ...
  • Google's Schema.org Structured Data Testing Tool.
Aug 26, 2018

Is SEMRush tool free? ›

Free users can use Semrush for free for as long as they want. You will not be asked for your bank details and you will not get charged for using the tools available to free users.

What is simple SEO tool? ›

Keyword ranking tool

Our Simple SEO's software uses multiple algorithms to analyze and evaluate your website for the keywords you specify and creates a customized set of actions that will help improve your website's rankings in Google and other popular search engines.

Is Google Analytics a free tool? ›

Google Analytics gives you the tools, free of charge, to understand the customer journey and improve marketing ROI.

Are all Google tools free? ›

Google has become far more than just a search engine. They have developed a range of powerful online tools designed to help you be more productive and make your life easier. And the best part is most Googles tools are completely free!

Is GoDaddy SEO free? ›

Is SEO free on GoDaddy? No, SEO is not free on GoDaddy. While GoDaddy does offer some basic SEO tools such as keyword research and website optimization, they do charge for more advanced features such as link building and content marketing.

What is a free SEO audit tool? ›

SEOptimer is a free SEO Audit Tool that will perform a detailed SEO Analysis across 100 website data points, and provide clear and actionable recommendations for steps you can take to improve your online presence and ultimately rank better in Search Engine Results.

How many types of backlinks are there? ›

When you get down to it, there are only two types of backlinks: dofollow and nofollow. A person reading a web page will never see the difference between a dofollow and a nofollow backlink. The difference is in the source code.

Is a Facebook link a backlink? ›

A backlink, by definition, is any link on a website that links back to your site. Because Facebook, as a social network, is a website at its core, then any link on a Facebook profile or page that leads people back to your business website is indeed a backlink.

How do I get high authority backlinks? ›

Let's get right into the techniques.
  1. Become a Source For Reporters and Bloggers.
  2. Publish “Skyscraper” Content.
  3. Build Links From Outdated Resources.
  4. Use Content Formats Proven To Generate Links.
  5. Publish Ultimate Guides.
  6. Use Branded Strategies and Techniques.
  7. Authority Resource Pages.
Oct 11, 2021

What is backlink indexing? ›

What is a backlink indexer? A backlink indexer is a service that you can submit your website to in order to get it indexed by search engines quickly. Those paid services are useful if you don't want to wait weeks to get indexed using the free processes.

Does Google like backlinks? ›

Google considers backlinks one of the most important signals for ranking content. Because Google views external links as votes of popularity for a website or webpage, there is a strong correlation between sites with lots of quality backlinks and higher rankings.

What is the difference between links and backlinks? ›

What is the difference between backlinks and internal links? Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site. Internal links are links that point from one page on your site to another. Both have SEO value, but backlinks are usually harder to get and, therefore, considered more valuable.

How do I find backlinks keywords? ›

Go to the Backlink Analytics (aff) report and enter your domain – e.g. backlinko.com. Click the Indexed Pages tab to see a table of the most linked URLs on the domain.
Reverse-engineer competitors
  1. Google Ranking Factors.
  2. CTR Stats.
  3. Content and Voice Search studies.
Aug 12, 2022

What is backlink tracking? ›

The Backlink Tracker gives you a chance to Monitor and analyze all backlinks you have found or built for the website. Be the first to know when the links were lost and bring them back to life. It allows you to keep and update the information about all the backlinks you have in one place.

Which SEO tool is best for finding backlinks of website? ›

Semrush. Within the Semrush, you can find the Backlink Analysis tool, a powerful aid for getting functional data about backlinks from any domain.

Is there any free SEO tool? ›

MozBar: Link Metrics in Search Results

Moz offers a few different free SEO tools in the form of their MozBar (a Chrome extension you can use if you create a free Moz account).

Is there a free SEO tool? ›

Google Business Profile is an important free local SEO tool. With it, you can create and manage your Google listing that pops up when someone searches for your business. This is also what shows up in Google Maps.

Is Semrush tool free? ›

Free users can use Semrush for free for as long as they want. You will not be asked for your bank details and you will not get charged for using the tools available to free users.

How do I find SEO keywords for free? ›

The best free keyword research tools in 2022
  1. Moz Keyword Explorer for the best all-around free SEO keyword research tool.
  2. Google Keyword Planner for researching paid keywords.
  3. Semrush for advanced SEO professionals.
  4. QuestionDB for finding question-based keywords.
  5. Jaaxy for affiliate marketers.
Jul 10, 2022

Is there a website to check links? ›

Use a Link Checker Tool

URLVoid is a popular link checker tool. It uses blocklist databases and online website reputation services to check unsafe links.

Who links to my website? ›

To see every website linking to your chosen target, head over to the Referring Domains report. This report is like the top linking sites report in Google Search Console… but on steroids. Like Search Console, it shows the linking websites and the number of backlinks from each.

How do you check if a website is indexed by Google? ›

To see information in the Google index about a URL:
  1. Open the URL Inspection tool.
  2. Enter the complete URL to inspect. A few notes: ...
  3. Read Understanding the results.
  4. If you've fixed issues since the data was acquired, test the live URL to see if Google thinks these issues are fixed. ...
  5. Optionally request indexing for the URL.

Is Google Analytics a SEO tool? ›

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.


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